Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PRL Pack Ride 2017-11-29

Thanks for those who stuck with the group at the end. I've tried to remove everyone who was off the front from these results. This was a frustrating ride for me as documenting all the riders off the front prevented me from being able to take part in the sprint.

For those who think it's ok to ride way above the advertised power at the front of the group: please consider doing this outside of the event. Pushing extra power at the front stretches out the pack and makes it split after every bump in the course. It is very hard to get the group back together again if people are pulling at the front.

1T im Searle AHDR -LEADER0:46:46.889
2Phil Grant (PRL)0:00:00.354
3Paul Richards0:00:00.568
4Sonic The Hedgehog [KRT]0:00:00.784
5Richard Bower [KRT] (B)0:00:00.856
6Dean Hall0:00:00.998
7PAUL OZZ ZTR (B)0:00:01.352
8B. Coussement (B)0:00:01.865
9Maciek Kopera (B)0:00:01.886
10Dennis Janele0:00:02.023
11Erik Simko [X]0:00:02.123
12Michael Holm Petersen SZR (C)0:00:02.515
13Rik Geres0:00:02.554
14Hideking Nagaya0:00:02.827
15Mark Nuttall0:00:02.850
16Jose Sanz0:00:02.966
17chris benoit (ZRO)0:00:03.031
18Steve . ZHR G0:00:03.123
19Edgar Ramalho0:00:03.159
20Edwin Hill0:00:03.241
21Jock Watson Team JMC0:00:04.173
22Jason Breakey TIS (B)0:00:05.526
23Christian Wiedmann [X]0:00:07.745
24Jason Feltus RaceWBR0:00:08.216
25Rogier van Loenen0:00:09.477
26Stefan te Baay0:00:10.488
27Charlie Sanders RaceWBR B0:00:13.850
28Mark Hipkiss0:00:15.571
29paul martin0:00:36.570
30Allen Jackson (Bahati Foundation)0:00:38.323
31Sandro Gaetani0:00:54.840
32Stephen R H(zhr) Kiss(c)0:01:02.996
33Geir Arne Klementsen ZZRC0:01:37.820
34Alan Mooney0:02:06.603
35Henrico Berkelaar0:02:10.660
36Harun Sayi0:03:14.032
37Thomas Schioldan Sørensen0:03:22.700
38Pontus Dahlof0:06:34.493
39Charles Helm0:09:02.990

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