Thursday, September 24, 2015

Zwift Training Race Report 2015-09-24

A crowd of 34 racers that in any other week would have seemed large turned out for the Thursday Early Birds race today. C. Christopolous soloed for two laps to take the win (dedicating it to John Mora) while the crafty Finn T. Hiidenheimo disguised his hand well until the last set of climbs where he went all in to take second out of the main chase group, passing O. ldfatfenboy in the process who took third. A lead group of five contested the sprint for the B group win. A. Wyers managed to come out on top, passing E. O' Brien and A. Galbraith who rounded out the podium. The largest group by far this week was the C group. A. Pisculla managed to solo to the win in this race with M.B. Jensen holding off A. Otten to the line for second place.

The pack was mostly intact at the base of the first climb. The three climbs split the pack into groups, with the lead group consisting of the Group A field. O. ldfatfenboy rode this pack off his wheel with only C. Christopolous willing to put in the energy to bridge up. After a half lap chase the A pack decided to stop trying to catch the leaders due to the uncertainty of how much headroom the zPower riders had in their power output. This situation continued until the last lap where Hiidenheimo unleashed previously unseen powerto gap the rest of the chase group. By the finish line he managed to catch O. ldfatfenboy, but not Christopolous. A. Williams was the best of the rest with C. Schumm not far behind him.

If someone can relate how the B and C group races went, please feel free to comment on this post. The five leaders of the B group came down the finish straight together, where the C group seemed to have splintered into groups of one or two by the finish.

Full Results:
Group A
1. C. Christopolous 1:06:51 (40.2 km/h)
2. T. Hiidenheimo 0:00:28 (field promotion)
3. O. ldfatfenboy 0:00:34
4. A. Williams 0:00:49
5. C. Schumm 0:01:03
6. C. Smith 0:01:17 (field promotion)
7. C. Wiedmann 0:01:59

Group B
1. A. Wyers 1:09:38 (38.6 km/h)
2. E. O' Brien s.t.
3. A. Galbraith s.t.
4. R. Herrygers 0:00:02
5. A. Torma 0:00:04
6. N.K 0:02:54
7. T. Bruinsma 0:03:34
8. K. Freytag 0:04:15

Group C
1. A. Pisculla 1:13:31 (36.5 km/h)
2. M.B. Jensen 0:00:28
3. A. Otten 0:00:35
4. T. Parker 0:01:07
5. S. Tanner 0:01:28
6. M. Ede 0:02:08
7. C. Vachon 0:03:30
8. D. Wright 0:04:02
9. J. Mora 0:04:03

Strava flyby:,3snNF64AzhdSAs4XMwXOF3YFzhctBs4XlAbOF5wHzhfZB84XfgvOFxQMzhcZEM4XzhHOFwoSzhf+FM4XohrOF2Qgzhc4I84X1yTOFztJzhfrYs4X
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