Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zwift Training Race Report 2015-10-01

raw video of the race

41 racers joined the reverse Watopia training race this week. Two teams were organized in the A group to debut team tactics in Zwift. The two teams were Team dZi (wearing the red and white inGamba jerseys) and Team X1 (wearing the blue and white Richmond 2015 jerseys). Several independents raced alongside these teams in the usual killer bee outfits.

The race was hard-fought with a strong group contesting the finishing sprint. Neil Law (Team X1) barely edged out Francois Coppex (independent) and C. Schumm (Team X1) in the sprint. R. Lindqvist took the B crown with D. Neirinck second and C. Baldi winning the sprint for third over D. Ronan. B. Afonso was on the top step of the C group podium with A. Torma and R. Gousheh on the steps beside him.

A large group of 16 riders made it over the initial KOM, but this was the start of a race of attrition. By the second lap the lead group was whittled down to 11 riders with small groups behind. One larger group of 9 B and C riders managed to work together to try to keep going as fast as possible. By the last lap the lead group had shrunk to 7 riders. None of the final lap attacks stuck, though, leaving five riders contesting the final sprint.

Nathan Guerra recorded live video with commentary for this race:

16 riders survived past the first KOM
The A group sprint
The sprint for 3rd in the B group
Full Results:
Group A
1. N. Law 0:58:24 (42.6 km/h)
2. F. Coppex s.t.
3. C. Schumm s.t.
4. K. C. s.t.
5. M. Jones 0:00:02
5. J. Alldridge 0:00:33
6. S. Tytgadt 0:00:38
7. V. Hugo 0:02:50
8. F. Garcia 0:03:38
9. J. Tempelaar 0:05:01

Group B
1. R. Lindqvist 1:01:30 (40.4 km/h)
2. D. Neirinck 0:02:30
3. C. Baldi 0:02:34
4. D. Ronan s.t.
6. P. Team dZi 0:03:11
-1 Lap:
7. J. Sharp

Group C
1. B. Afonso 1:04:44 (38.4 km/h)
2. A. Torma 0:00:28
3. R. Gousheh 0:02:16
4. J. Dodsworth 0:02:41
5. A. Pisculla 0:03:26
6. A. Otten 0:08:54
7. J. Bartsch 0:10:00
-1 Lap:
8. D. Chandrisingh

Strava flyby: Strava Flyby for ZTR


  1. CST Midwest USA what time does the Thursday night training race start

    1. The late race starts at 7 pm Central. This report is from the early race at 12:30pm Central.