Thursday, October 15, 2015

Zwift Thursday Early Bird Training Race Report 2015-10-15

raw footage of race - see below for commentary by Nathan Guerra

48 racers attended this week's Thursday Early Bird training race.The large group led to a very fast race. The race segment KOM was set today by Craig Hoskin with a 27.6 mph average over 56 minutes and 21 seconds.

In Group A, J. Tempelaar won a four-up sprint with F. Coppex (X1), P.K. (Team dZi) and C. Hoskin close behind. A group of 10-15 riders made it to the last lap in this group, leading to a blistering pace. A group of four managed to create a split over the KOM and sprinted for the win.

In Group B, P. Martin* crossed the line first. In the group sprint K. Berntzen edged out a hard charging S.G. (Team dZi), with F. Vullum coming third.

In Group C, N. Richards* was first to the finish. Following him were A. Pisculla, D. Ronan and G.Z. (Team dZi).

Here is the Strava Fly-by

Live commentary by Nathan Guerra here:

J. Tempelaar wins the Group A sprint
The field sprint in Group B
A. Pisculla crosses the line in Group C

Group A
1. J. Tempelaar 1:16:41 (44.2 km/h)
2. F. Coppex (X1) s.t.
3. P.K. (Team dZi) s.t.
4. C. Hoskin s.t.
5. S. Tytgadt 0:00:18
6. C. DalCin s.t.
7. B. De Vriendt 0:00:20
8. M. Matteo 0:00:24
9. P. Clark (X2) 0:00:26
10. K.C. (Team dZi) s.t.
11. N. Law (X1) 0:01:09
DQ C. Schumm (X1) - powerup on last lap

Group B
1. P. Martin* 1:01:49  (40.2 km/h)
2. K. Berntzen 0:00:15
3. S. G. (Team dZi) s.t.
4. F. Vullum s.t.
5. M. Fredholm (NOR1) s.t.
6. E. O' Brien 0:00:16
7. E. Angeli 0:00:17
8. M. McIntosh (X2) 0:00:19
9. K. Hoaas 0:04:09
10. T. Jendrusch 0:06:06
11. A. Nascimento 0:12:38

Group C
1. N. Richards* 1:03:43 (39.0 km/h)
2. A. Pisculla 0:00:25
3. D. Ronan 0:00:29
4. G.Z. (Team  dZi) s.t.
5. A. Torma 0:00:46
6. M. (Team dZi) 0:02:28
7. S. Tanner 0:02:40
8. H. Johansson 0:02:47
9. A. Ek 0:03:43
10. J. Mora (VISION) 0:05:11
11. E. Franken 0:06:01
12. A. Otten s.t.
13. D. Wright 0:06:14
14. B. Afonso 0:10:22
-1 Lap
15. S. Manwill

* - unverified zPower on podium spot.

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  1. This is an even better race report than on FB. Nice CW!