Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds Report 2015-10-27

D. Seib takes the Group A victory
As winter looms on the horizon, 33 riders joined this edition of the Tuesday Night Worlds on Zwift. Today's race was 3 laps of the Richmond World Championship Road Course, with the first quarter lap being a neutral rollout to allow the pack to group up. The relatively short race distance resulted in a high pace even on the flat sections.

In Group A, D. Seib managed to outpower C. Schumm to the line with M. Desrosiers taking the third place. A group of six riders managed to establish a gap over the first set of climbs. Riders in the group traded attacks, but the group managed to get to the Governor St. climb intact. M. Desrosiers set a very hard pace at the base, but D. Seib managed to catch him and counter the move. C. Schumm chased to within a 30m of Seib but ran out of road before the finish line. Desrosiers hung on for third.

J. Baumgardner outclassed the rest of the B group by hanging with the leaders to the end. N. Hetrick managed to stick with the chase group, taking second. A. McGregor was first of the rest of the B group, clinching the third podium step.

The high pace strung the C group out into groups of one or two riders as the wind blew them off the back of the pack. T. Schneider* stayed with the chase for more than two laps to outdistance the rest of the C riders. S. Flores took second place, with I. Stickney third.

Here is the Strava Flyby

Full Results:
Group A
1. D. Seib 1:04:35 (41.6 km/h)
2. C. Schumm 0:00:01
3. M. Desrosiers 0:00:02
4. A. Swanson 0:00:08
5. C. MacLeod 0:01:39
6. J. Brazeal 0:01:42
7. C. Wiedmann 0:02:29
8. F. Garcia 0:05:11
9. S. Marchildon 0:06:20
10. P. Merrick 0:06:23
11. D. Desrosiers 0:19:58

Group B
1. J. Baumgardner 1:04:49 (41.4 km/h)
2. N. Hetrick 0:01:41
3. A. McGregor 0:04:18
4. M. Bierlein 0:05:30
5. W. Viljoen 0:07:33
6. P. Schmidt 0:07:56
7. J. Dixon 0:09:27
8. >. Roofrak_CT 0:09:33
9. J. Elliott 0:12:11

Group C
1.T. Schneider* 1:06:36 (40.2 km/h)
2. S. Flores 0:05:57
3. I. Stickney 0:09:10
4. N. Wilson 0:12:04
5. D. Bock 0:15:52
The riders take off at KM 0

The pack takes the turn off of Monument Ave. onto N. Lombardy St.

M. Desrosiers pushing the pace just before the turn onto Governor St.

C. Schumm couldn't quite catch D. Seib

Raw video coverage of the race.

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