Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds Report 2015-10-10

The last 3 climbs

11 racers joined the Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds Race this week. M. Desrosiers pulled off a solo win in the four lap race with an attack over Libby Hill. J. Brazeal and C. Little followed in second and third.

As usual in Richmond, the three climbs proved to be the undoing of many in the field. Each lap, riders were dropped from the lead group. After the first set of climbs, a group of six managed to regroup and found a brief respite following a non-participant on a TT bike. This group was reduced to four after the next set of climbs: M. Desrosiers, J. Brazeal, C. Little and M. Boudreau. Boudreau announced he was pulling out of the race at the next set of climbs, leaving the other three to continue the podium battle. Desrosiers managed to pull out a gap on the climbs but suffered a technical issue around start/finish. Brazeal and Little rode easy and Desrosiers managed to rejoin the group shortly thereafter. This set up the fireworks on the last set of climbs. Desrosiers attacked on LIbby Hill, splitting the group with Brazeal about 10 seconds behind and Little a further 5 seconds after that. These gaps extended on 23rd street, sealing the deal for Desrosiers. He finished solo with Brazeal and Little following.
The pack following a TT bike (camera bike ?) on the second lap
The lead group of four on the third lap

Three leaders on the final lap

M. Desrosiers attacks on Libby Hill

M. Desrosiers wins
Here is the Strava Flyby.

Full Results:
1. M. Desrosiers 1:32:21 (39.7 km/h)
2. J. Brazeal .0:00:41
3. C. Little 0:01:00
4. J. Thynne 0:03:32
5. F. Hartman 0:05:20
6. C. Wiedmann 0:08:51
7. N. Hetrick 0:09:40

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