Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zwift Wednesday Watopia Ride Race Report 2015-10-28

The last lap "race"

Wednesdays mean its time for the Watopia Ride on Zwift. After three laps at a moderate place, the green flag was waved for those who wished to race the last lap. The race for the last lap was very close, with  a group of six riders coalescing after the KOM climb and riding most of the lap together. N. K. led out the sprint, but A. Urso managed to grab his wheel and pass him 5m before the line. T.J. pipped D. Ronan by a tire-width with S. Hedgehog following.

Full Results:
1. A. Urso
2. N. K.
3. T. J.
4. D. Ronan
5. S. Hedgehog
6. B. Erto
7. T. Hulatt
8. C. Sinclair
A. Urso comes around N.K. just before the line

The photo finish for 3rd.


  1. I thought I saw someone mention they were going to capture a video of the 10-28 WWR. Anyone know how to get to it?

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