Thursday, October 8, 2015

Zwift Thursday Training Race Report 2015-10-08

More than 30 riders showed up for today's five lap Watopia training race. N. K. rode the A field off his wheel on the last lap with some incredible power bursts with GCN race winner C. Hoskin winning the sprint for second over J. Tempelaar. C. McLeod out-sprinted S. Tytgadt for the B group win, with R. Lindqvist following half a minute later. B. Afonso again took the C group honors (time for an upgrade?) with D. Los edging out M. Ede for second.

The large field resulted in a somewhat chaotic start that makes us all look forward to built-in race start mechanics in Zwift. Apologies to those who were further back at the start line. I hope the large field meant that most of you had a group to race against anyway. As I had a last-minute schedule conflict I did not see the progression of the whole race, but did note some interesting things. The entire A group stayed together to the finish this time, with 12 racers finishing within 15 seconds on the road. Further back, there was one large B group and two significant C groups that came to the finish together, leading to several interesting sprints.
The sprint for 2nd in Group A

The rest of the Group A field

Photo finish for 6th in Group B

First group sprint in Group C

Second group sprint in Group C

Full Results:
Group A:
1. N. K.  1:10:09 (38.9 km/h)
2. C. Hoskin 0:00:01
3. J. Tempelaar s.t.
4. A. Self* 0:00:03
5. N. Law s.t.
6. B. De Vriendt s.t.
7. M. Douglas* s.t.
8. J. Rooney s.t.
9. P. K. s.t.
10. D. Salmon 0:00:10
11. F. Garcia 0:00:11
12. J. Traeholt 0:00:12

Group B:
1. C. MacLeod 1:14:26 (36.8 km.h)
2. S. Tytgadt 0:00:01
3. R. Lindqvist 0:00:49
4. M. Fredholm 0:01:07
5. J. Bergmann 0:01:13
6. T. De Meyer 0:01:57
7. C. Baldi s.t.
8. E. Gaillard 0:08:24

Group C:
1. B. Afonso 1:17:48 (35.2 km/h)
2. D. Los 0:00:10
3. M. Ede s.t.
4. Ian T2D s.t.
5. S. Gemmell 1:19:08 (34.6 km/h)
6. D. Ronan s.t.
7. J. Thompson* 0:00:01
8. Turbo Garry s.t.
9. A. Torma s.t.
10. C. Campbell 0:00:05

Here is the Strava Flyby

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