Thursday, June 23, 2016

Zwift Thursday Night Training Race (Americas/East) 2016-06-23

Group AZ
1Marcelo Heinig ZTR B*0:56:053324.68
2. don't fear zPower ZTR-A*0:02:423113.74
Group A
1Mark Francis PZR (A)0:56:183554.25
2Jeffrey Kriel ZTR-A0:00:292994.09
3Francois Callewaert - ZTR (A)0:00:302934.07
Group B
1Fritz ZTR (B) Hartman ZTR (B)*0:58:272973.86
2Travis Brady ZTR-B0:00:172753.67
3Andy Reichert ZTR-B0:00:212323.88
4David Watkins ZTR (B)0:00:302903.68
5Jon Sharp ZTR (B)0:01:362374.05
6Paul Jamieson ZTR (B)0:03:132373.39
7Eric McDonald ZTR (B)0:03:572563.32
8K iwi ZTR (B)0:04:212383.35
9Alejandro Acosta0:05:442313.31
10Frederico Nunes (FreSa Team) ZTR (B)0:05:452243.29
11Gui Cardoso (BRA)0:08:242683.43
Group C
1Douglas Darling ZTR (C)1:01:442403.41Please upgrade to B
2Pat McCarthy ZTR (C)0:02:502673.29Please upgrade to B
3Gavin MacInnes ZTR (C)0:07:471942.67
Group D
1Barry Wilcox ZTR (D)1:15:591812.3
2Pete Adams ZTR (D)0:03:472082.1


  1. Christian, I caved in and got a Tacx Vortex, so I'm on real power now. My first ride was at 3.09 w/kg UCI course 2 laps, so you just need to downgrade me now to B :).

    1. How do you like the controllable resistance? It's kind of a shame the Ant+ resistance units for the InsideRide rollers aren't coming out so you could both have rollers and variable resistance.

  2. How do I like it ? Mixed feelings still, as I have to shift gears frequently and it's harder overall, but at least gives me real power numbers, and I'm not the pariah in Zwift ;). I'll certainly go back to rollers for non-race workouts.

  3. Christian,
    1. regarding today ZTR Americas: I've been suspicious of rider Urushihara; 54kg female, beating the best guys on the climbs and in races. Is this person legit ?
    2. I asked about my strange looking power zones on zwiftpower (since I switched from rollers to smart trainer, and when with a HRM), but never got a reply. Can you explain it ?

    1. Sorry, since the switch to Zwiftpower for result generation I haven't been very good at checking for comments here.

      I have my suspicions about Urushihara, but there is no concrete evidence, so there's not any basis for action.

      As to the power curve - I missed the question, but I suspect what may be going on is that Zwiftpower is using your old FTP for zones. Try tagging James Hodges on Facebook for help on - he's its creator.

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