Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Watopia Ride Report 2015-11-11

A group of at least 70 riders joined for today's moderate to fast 4 lap group ride. Special guest Evie Stevens joined the ride today. The large group made the pace tend more towards the fast side, but there was a general regrouping for the last lap mini-race.

c. loveday managed to finish the last lap the fastest, closely followed by D. Ronan (X2) and V. Hugo (Team dZi).

Thanks all for joining! If you're not already a member, please join the Zwift Riders group on Facebook to see the many rides organized by the community (

c. loveday takes the win over D. Ronan (X2) and V. Hugo (Team dZi)

Full Results:
1c. loveday0:12:43 (42.7 km/h)
2D. Ronan (X2)0:00:00
3V. Hugo (Team dZi)0:00:00
4J. Greig0:00:00
5Alexis LOUGE0:00:00
6F. Bokeroed0:00:33
7m. Howard0:00:33
8A. Moffat0:00:46
9S. Birch0:00:46
10F. Hemsley0:00:54
11J. Long (Chelmer CC)0:00:54
12G. Vanstone0:00:55
14Kelvin DTCC0:01:11
15S. Nepstad0:01:12
16M. Jones0:01:12
17A. Brindley0:01:12
18S. M0:01:12
19C. Gasche0:01:12
20D. Knott0:01:12
21D. Young0:01:12
22E. Stromsholm0:01:12
23J. Schel0:01:24
24C. Sinclair0:01:59
25R. Porada0:02:20
26M. Fryland0:03:11
27C. Andrew0:03:31
28D. Levin0:03:57
29T. J0:04:12

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