Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (US/East) Training Race Report 2015-11-17

More than 50 riders showed up to contest the US/East edition of the Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds training race. This week we were back in Richmond doing a 3 lap race (the first quarter lap neutral). Thanks again to M. Hoogerland for leading the Group C&D neutral in this staggered start.

C. Swanson was the only woman finisher, holding her own in the C group and finishing the race segment with more than a 33 km/h average.

A group of 3 made it to the last climb of Governor Street together. B. Boniface attacked early but committed the faux pas of using a powerup on the climb. G. Staley and A. Baron managed to close the gap by the turn onto the finishing straight. Boniface immediately upped the pace, opening a gap to Baron and Staley. Staley launched a long sprint at about 300m to go and was able come around Boniface with Baron trailing a second behind. Due to his powerup usage, Boniface was relegated to third in the final results.

C. Ridgick soloed in to victory in the B group. He was followed a minute later by J. Wilson, with M. Lavoie a further 23 seconds back.

T. Schneider took the Group C win. D. McKeon followed some 41 seconds back, with J. Snyder third a little more than a minute further back.

R. McCulloch toughed out the late-night ride and was the only D group finisher, thus getting to stand on the top step of the podium.

C. Swanson wins the women's race
The Group A leaders starting the Libby Hill KOM climb

The Group A leaders on the cobbles of Libby Hill

G. Staley (X1) wins Group A

C. Ridgick on his way to winning Group B

T. Schneider rolls across the line first in Group C

R. Mc Culloch takes the Group D honors

Full Results:
1C. Swanson1:20:34 (33.3 km/h)

Group A
1G. Staley (X1)1:02:27 (43.0 km/h)
2A. Baron0:00:02
3B. Boniface ** 0:00:02
4E. Angeli0:00:33
5C. Little0:01:19
6L. Bregou0:01:22
7M. Nahorniak0:02:16
8A. Gagnon (OZR)0:02:40
9C. MacLeod (B&B)0:03:07
10J. Buccellato0:04:36
11M. Desrosiers (X1)0:04:58
12J. Porter0:05:13
13K. Teves0:06:35
14C. Wiedmann (X1)0:07:01
** relegated to 3rd for powerup usage in last lap
Group B
1C. Ridgick1:07:20 (39.8 km/h)
2J. Wilson0:00:59
3M. Lavoie0:01:23
4K. Pogacar0:02:58
5J. Greene0:03:43
6Z. Hall 0:05:50
7J. Knight0:05:56
8J. Siegel0:06:40
9J. Dixon0:06:50
10B. Haggett0:07:04

Group C
1T. Schneider*1:08:43 (39.0 km/h)
2D. McKeon0:00:41
3J. Snyder0:01:49
4H. Hawk0:02:19
5S. Douglas0:02:59
6E. Burgess0:04:30
7E. Mitchell0:04:54
8>. Roofrak-CT0:05:20
9A. Cappuccino0:05:35
10J. Schmitz0:05:46
12J. Henriquez0:07:32
13R. Van Praet0:08:02
14E. Schlange0:08:30
15C. Santalucia0:09:23
16J. Polachak0:12:40
17R. Hritz0:13:32
18A. Anvik0:13:32
19M. Hoogerland0:16:04
20S. Ellis0:18:16
* unverified zPower

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