Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (US/East) Training Race Report 2015-11-24

The C pack gets ready for KM 0

About 50 racers came out for the US/East edition of the Tuesday Night Worlds training race. This week drafting was a little tricky as riders sometimes got stuck behind the riders they were drafting, but the racers soldiered on anyway to contest some hard-fought battles.

In Group A, three riders managed to get to the top of Governor St. together on the final lap: G. Staley, J. Brazeal and B. Boniface. Boniface led out the climb with Staley and Brazeal seemingly content to sit on his wheel. At the corner onto the Broad St. final straight, however, Staley launched a blistering attack that immediately opened up a significant gap. Brazeal attempted to follow, but was unable to close the distance to Staley, giving Staley the win with Brazeal second and Boniface third.

Three Group B riders made it onto the final stretch to contest the sprint. A. Gagnon led out from 200m, with S. Oxenham jumping on his wheel, but C. MacLeod was not able to catch onto the draft. Gagnon's jump was not enough to shake Oxenham, though, who ramped up his power and managed to come by for a convincing win. Gagnon rolled across two seconds later, with MacLeod taking third.

In Group C, G. Thompson managed to come off the Governor St. climb with a significant lead. He held this to the line, with L. Reynolds and R. Clark following at about 30 second intervals.

L. Huberdeau outlasted his Group D competitors to take the win.

G. Staley (X1) launches an attack on the final straight

G. Staley (X1) wins the Group A race

A. Gagnon is unable to match S. Oxenham's (X1) sprint

G. Thompson takes the Group C win

Full Results:
Group A
1G. Staley (X1)1:03:15 (42.4 km/h)
2J. Brazeal (XPO)0:00:05
3B. Boniface0:00:12
4C. Little0:00:16
5C. Schumm (X1)0:01:40
6M. Desrosiers (X1)0:02:05
7J. Rooney (X1)0:02:38
8J. White0:05:48

Group B
1S. Oxenham (X2)1:06:13 (40.6 km/h)
2A. Gagnon (OZR)0:00:02
3C. MacLeod0:00:10
4O. Mouyau0:00:31
5C. Ridgick0:02:34
6K. Pogacar0:02:53
7D. Jones (USMES)0:02:58
8J. Butter0:03:08
9J. Wilson0:04:25
10D. Wilson0:04:31
11L. Bregou0:04:58
12J. Dixon0:07:22
Group C
1G. Thompson1:10:24 (38.2 km/h)
2L. Reynolds0:00:35
3R. Clark0:01:19
4T. Joe0:02:24
5S. Light0:03:02
6E. Burgess0:03:56
7T. Thessin0:07:56
8J. Henriquez0:09:49
9J. Lindemulder0:11:09
10M. Hoogerland0:11:34
11G. Damario0:11:35
12B. Haggett0:14:18
13T. Rhodes0:16:56
14L. Jones (SCC)0:20:57

Group D
1L. Huberdeau1:21:52 (32.8 km/h)

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