Thursday, November 19, 2015

Zwift Thursday Night Training Race (UK/Europe) Report 2015-11-19

A huge field of at least 75 racers showed up to this ZTR. Unfortunately some of the packs were not as compact as they could have been during the neutral roll-out, but we'll give it another try next week and hopefully it'll get better. Many thanks to J. Mora and S. C. (Team dZi) for helping out with the staggered start. Also note that due to the number of crashes reported during the race this week, I've placed everyone who looked like they were completing the race in the results, even if the distance covered was less than the full distance.

Cassie Baldi (Team dZi) showed her strength by riding with the C group and finishing in what would have been second place. As the only finisher in the women's race she was awarded that win instead.

The two Group A names that immediately jumped out to anyone following this race series were J. T. (Team dZi) and T. Bern Hansen. The pace started out very high. For a moment it appeared that J. T. might be in trouble as he was gapped off the back of the pack towards the end of the first lap, but he managed to bridge back to the group on the climb. Eventually a strong group of five riders established itself at the front: Bern Hansen, J. T., F. Garcia, P. Pryor and K. Little. Bern Hansen tried several times to get off the front, but did not manage to get away from J. T. The high pace in the flats seemed to affect J. T. more than Hansen, and in the finale he was gapped slightly in the approach to the finish, allowing Bern Hansen to take the win over Garcia, who was relegated to third behind J. T. for using a power up in the last lap.

S. White outclassed the rest of the B field, catching onto an A chase group. E. Nekkers won the B group field sprint with S. Vingerhoets ( taking third.

A. Nascimento soloed to the C group win with N. Wisisperger and B. Afonso following in second and third.

The D group seemed to be decimated by crashes, but presuming that all riders that came back from crashes had actually completed the full distance, C. Flores took the win over C. Pritchard, with D. McShoe rounding out the podium.

Cassi Baldi (Team dZi) takes the women's win
T. Bern Hansen wins the Group A race
S. White wins Group B

Full Results

1C. Baldi50:01 (39.5 km/h)

Group A
1T. Bern Hansen1:00:25 (41.6 km/h)
2J. T. (Team dZi)0:00:02
3F. Garcia (X)**0:00:02
4P. Pryor0:00:36
5K. Little0:02:07
6R. Baumle0:03:13
7Alexis Louge0:03:28
8O. M. (UKR)0:03:28
9S. Gray0:04:31
10D. Ronan0:04:31
11J. Rooney0:04:31
12C. Durham0:04:36
13N. Law (X1)0:05:38
14D. Los0:07:25
15A. Self0:09:00
16F. Coppex0:14:00
17J. Bobbink0:14:57
18C. Wiedmann0:15:21
** relegated to third for gaining advantage on the last lap using a power-up.
Group B
1S. White*1:00:25 (41.6 km/h)
2E. Nekkers0:04:33
3S. Vingerhoets (
4A. Lowe0:04:33
5B. Greatrick (VISION)0:05:40
6A. Kokhuis0:07:11
7E. O' Brien0:07:20
8C. Dalen0:07:20
9J. Sharp0:09:20
10T. Hammarberg0:10:38
11D. Staley0:11:34
Group C
1A. Nascimento0:49:49 (39.0 km/h)
3B. Afonso0:00:39
4S. Bromstead0:00:43
5D. Daniels0:00:45
6M. Bradshaw0:00:45
7K. Almaas0:01:07
8C. Holmes0:01:46
9M. King0:01:46
10P. Harrison0:01:46
11P. Campbell0:01:52
12B. Chewning0:02:11
13D. Brodmann0:02:11
14t. mitchell0:02:24
15S. K. 0:02:47
16N. K.0:02:49
17M. Hysiak0:03:07
18A. Danielsen0:04:08
19R. Rolighed0:04:09
20R. Kennison0:05:03
21G. Fuller0:05:04
22E. Franken0:05:25
23D. Lowden0:05:46
24S. Becknor0:05:48
25J. Slagmeulder0:06:16
26M. Godwin0:06:26
27T. Haugan0:06:31
29J. emery0:07:06
30J. O'Connor0:08:17
31R. Hoaas Nilsen0:09:58
32G. Leus (TK.BE)0:10:25
33J. Sort (VISION)0:11:03
34A. Wyers (Z - CYMRU)0:11:04
35K. Despiegelaere0:11:31
36E. Schlange (SHOE)0:11:46
37S. Van Houdt0:13:34
38C. Gibson0:17:55
Group D
1C. Flores0:51:37 (38.2 km/h)
2C. Pritchard0:00:02
3D. McShoe0:07:59
4S. bikerhux0:09:51


  1. I had ZTR-C after my name and did the race in 1:03:23. Why didn't I make the List?

    1. I can look for you again. Just to confirm: you raced at 6:30 pm GMT, not 8 pm EST, right?

  2. No, I start at 8PM EST. That's what my FB page told me.

    1. Ah, that explains it. These are the results for the early race. Unfortunately I don't have results for the later race because I can't ride at that time.

  3. Assuming these results are pulled from Strava. What is the process for doing it?



    1. Because of the way Zwift writes the fit files (timestamps are from the client computers), Strava results are unreliable. I record video of the race and transcribe racers' names and times as they pass the finish line. When I started doing it this way I didn't realize I would be doing it this long. I was kind of hoping Zwift would have incorporated race features by now.

    2. Having said that, another Zwifter has written a tool that will search through rides on a given segment and parse the ride names to generate results: For an example see

  4. Assuming these results are pulled from Strava. What is the process for doing it?