Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds Training Race Report 2015-11-03

Daylight savings time has left the North American continent and plunged our evenings into darkness. As a result there was an influx of new riders to Zwift resulting in 35 racers showed up to contest this week's Tuesday Night Worlds.

This race introduced a staggered start with Groups A and B rolling out two minutes before Groups C and D in order to provide a saner paced start for the latter riders. D. Corredor graciously volunteered to lead out the neutral for the C and D groups. Thanks Daniel! The race spanned 5 laps of Watopia for Groups A and B and 4 laps for C and D. It was raced in the normal direction.

Team tactics played a role in the finale of the Group A race as M. Desrosiers launched a late attack out of a group of three with two Team X1 riders. E. Angeli could not recreate Ian Stannard's feat from Het Niewsblad and had to settle for third as C. Schumm outsprinted him to the line.

The B group had a close finish with A. Reichert outsprinting A. Davis to the line. S. C. (Team dZi) rolled across the line 20 secconds later to take the final podium spot.

D. Corredor outclassed the C group field to take a solo win a minute ahead of the chase group which featured a three-up sprint for the line with M. Fowler (USMES) winning over E. Mitchell by half a wheel.

C. Swanson was the only woman finishing but she held he own in the C group, finishing less than six minutes after Corredor.

C. Swanson takes the Women's title
M. Desrosiers wins Group A

A. Reichert outsprints A. Davis for the Group B win

D. Corredor rolls across the line in first place in Group C

M. Fowler barely beats E. Mitchell in the sprint for second in Group C

Full Results:

1. C. Swanson 0:58:07 (33.8 km/h)

Group A
1. M. Desrosiers (X1) 0:58:29 (42.8 km/h)
2. C. Schumm (X1) 0:00:07
3. E. Angeli 0:00:09
4. J. Brazeal 0:00:46
5. F. Garcia (X1) 0:02:00
6. C. Little 0:02:43
7. M. Nahorniak 0:03:43
8. S. Marchildon 0:04:00
9. C. Wiedmann (X1)  0:08:38

Group B
1. A. Reichert 1:02:31 (40.1 km/h)
2. A. Davis s.t.
3. S. C. (Team dZi) 0:00:19
4. F. Timmons 0:01:34
5. >. Roofrak 0:02:04
6. J. Dixon 0:02:47
7. B. VanHoose? (mileage too low)  s.t.
8. I. Stickney 0:05:01

Group C
1. D. Corredor 0:52:19 (37.6 km/h)
2. M. Fowler (USMES) 0:01:12
3. E. Mitchell s.t.
4. R. Kay (USMES) s.t.
5. B. Hester 0:04:03
6. B. Sopora* 0:04:49
7. B. 0:05:00
6. R. Butler 0:06:04

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