Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (US/East) Training Race Report 2015-11-10

More than 40 riders turned out for the 11/10 Tuesday Night Worlds (US/East time slot) for a 3 lap race on the Richmond World's course. As a reminder: no TT bikes please - this is mass start racing. I realize I forgot to include that in the important rules section in Facebook, so it was my fault this time.

J. Brazeal and A. Baron fought for the win on the Governor St. climb, but turned onto the final straight together. Brazeal led out with an impressive long sprint that Baron was unable to match. R. Harper came in third a little behind the two.

P. Schmidt outclassed the rest of the B group to win the race by almost three minutes. D. Lambert managed to pass C. Ashley on the Governor Street climb to take the second podium spot.

D. McKeon convincingly won the C group in his first ZTR outing. Triathlon Joe and >. Roofrak_CT took the final two podium  spots.

Pictures missing this time due to technical difficulties. I will try to add some later.

Full Results

Group A
1J. Brazeal1:03:48 (42.1km/h)
2A. Baron0:00:02
3R. Harper0:00:18
4C. Schumm (X1)0:00:43
5E. Angeli0:00:56
6C. Little0:02:52
7C. MacLeod0:03:34
8M. Nahorniak0:04:42
9C. Wiedmann0:07:46
Group B
1D. Hendrycks1:07:09 (40 km/h)
2P. Schmidt0:01:02
4C. Ashley0:04:08
5J. Dixon0:04:55
6J. Kraft0:06:06
7M. Leduc0:09:25
8J. Greene0:09:41
9T. Barry0:11:01
Group C
1D. McKeon1:09:56 (38.4 km/h)
2Triathlon Joe0:00:41
3>. Roofrak_CT0:00:56
4R. Howard0:05:39
5R. Hritz0:05:56
6A. Jones0:06:57
8T. Funderburk0:15:03

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