Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (Americas/East) Training Race Results 2016-04-05

Group A
1Ido INDONESIA ZTR-A*1:19:593404.86
2Justin Purificati (ZTR - A)0:00:002964.85
3M arc Boudreau ZTR (A)0:00:073024.31
4Gaelen Kilburn ZTR (A)0:00:082864.67
5Alexandre Gagnon.ODZ - ZTR (A)0:01:083064.63
6Scott Fleming ZTR (A)0:03:573263.99
7Travis Kroot ZTR-A (#DER)0:04:582783.97
8Christian Wiedmann (X) ZTR (A) LEAD0:10:482383.24
Group B
1ADI Go ZTR (B)0:56:203024.2Please upgrade to A
2John Ricardi ZTR (B)0:00:232613.71
3Corey Ridgick - ZTR-B0:00:232463.87
4Ben de Bray ZTR B0:00:232993.99
5Julian Sherr ZTR B0:00:242614.11
6Daniel Corredor_ZTR (B)0:00:392574.28
7Don Christenson ZTR-B0:00:583463.91
8Drew Pugh - ZTR (B)0:01:032704.07
9Don MacPhail-ztr(b)0:01:392493.61
10Jeff Money AABC ZTR (B)0:02:222553.66
11Scott Marchildon ZTR B0:02:233283.98
12Juan Dixon ZTR (B)0:02:362273.76
13Stephen Balbi ZTR (B)0:02:452914.63
14Zeina Loutfi ZTR-B0:05:012544.38
15Mark Hoffman ZTR B0:06:122653.22
16Chris Smith - ZTR (B)0:06:222353.57
17JOHN GREGORY ZTR B0:10:412213.1
18Bruno Duguay ZTR B0:11:352443.05
Group C
1C Mack ZTR (C)0:59:522684.19Please upgrade to B
2Jon Balabuck ZTR (C)0:00:252673.5Please upgrade to B
3D Pepin (ZTR-C)0:01:102703.6Please upgrade to B
4Travis Bickford ZTR (C)0:01:133023.47Please upgrade to B
5Patrick McConnell - ZTR C0:01:522533.39Please upgrade to B
6Gavin MacInnes ZTR (C)0:02:172253.16
7T Tucker ZTR (C)0:02:242423.32
8Joe Lang ZTR (C)0:02:382803.28
9Douglas Darling ZTR-C0:03:042403.21
10Chris Stoddart ZTR C0:03:502972.82
11Daniel Levesque - ZTR (C)0:03:572583.18
12Chris Jones ZTR-C0:04:572073.05
13Stephane Sigouin ZTR C0:05:492573.03
14Phil Berryman ZTR C0:06:472132.96
15P Bear ZTR (C)0:13:122052.44
Group D
1Stephen Anderson ZTR-D0:48:252812.55Please upgrade to C
2Joe Erickson ZTR-D0:00:042452.61Please upgrade to C
3Chuck Kozlowski ZTR-D0:04:012042.27
4Keith Studnick (ZTR-D)0:09:171612.07
5Candido Alfonso ZTR(D)0:12:561611.65


  1. My results are missing again. I raced B group. Was about 10 seconds behind Hoffman. My results are showing at zwiftpower.com. My ride is also in Strava. Everything was labeled with ZTR (B). But I'm not on the list above.

    1. I'll look for you and update the results.

    2. You've now been added to the results. I had overridden your category to get you in the results last time, so I had to remove the override for you to get into the correct category.

    3. Thanks, Christian. Didn't know my category was overridden previously. But, thanks for updating the results. Appreciate the time you invest with the ZTR races.

  2. My first race.

    Thanks for organising Christian. Looking forward to more and improving on the time!