Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (Americas/East) Training Race Results 2016-04-12

Group W
1Deirdre L'Italien ZTR C (W)1:01:472053.61
Group A
1Justin Purificati (ZTR - A)1:06:333225.29
2Ido INDONESIA*0:00:193284.69
3M arc Boudreau ZTR A0:01:273154.5
4ADI Go ZTR (A)0:02:153054.3
5Michael Larsen ZTR (A)0:02:293354.22
6Christian Wiedmann (X) ZTR (A) LEAD0:03:332703.7
Group B
1C Mack ZTR (B)1:08:512964.63Please upgrade to A
2Drew Pugh - ZTR (B)0:01:122674.04Please upgrade to A
3Jeremy Wilson ZTR (B)0:01:142653.22
4Matt von Wahlde ZTR - B0:01:142773.87
5JF Fafard ZTR (B) Cannondale / ABC0:01:152493.61
6Bruno Duguay ZTR B0:01:152893.62
7Scott Jardine ZTR (B)0:01:153523.71
8Tim Ahern ZTR B0:01:253133.37
9Terry Forrest ZTR (B)0:01:262393.77
10. Bath Salts ZTR B0:02:042583.0
11Don MacPhail-ztr(b)0:06:282383.45
12Mike Szymanski ZTR-B0:07:392313.4
13Salam Hallak ZTR (B)*0:12:472232.85
Group C
1Fritz ztr c Hartman ztr c*0:57:082573.37Please upgrade to B
2Peter Loveday ZTR-C0:00:002493.56Please upgrade to B
3Gregg Rhode Z50+ ZTR-(C)0:00:003163.24Please upgrade to B
4Pete Favata ZTR (C)0:00:002123.3Please upgrade to B
5Chris Stoddart ZTR C0:00:013112.96
6John Porter ZTR (C)*0:00:012803.47
7Stefan Pommerenk ZTR-C*0:00:013093.69
8Isaac Stickney ZTR (C)0:00:022883.43
9Mario Dube ZTR (C)*0:00:102523.36
10Alex Simonovic - ZTR (C)0:00:132433.43
11Joe Lang ZTR (C)0:00:132833.32
12Ty Chouman ZTR C0:00:262393.58
13Daniel Levesque - ZTR (C)0:02:052653.27
14Chris Jones ZTR-C0:04:272203.17
15Scott Dickey ZTR-C0:04:522732.82
16Ken Mcleod ZTR C0:05:412383.09
17Joe Erickson ZTR-C0:05:412472.63
18Catherine Fortier ZTR-C0:05:421933.58
19Gary Fletcher ZTR (C)0:08:581952.77
Group D
1Frank Iha ZTR-D*1:03:132112.93Please upgrade to C
2Rob Walker (Z50+)ZTR-D0:04:062752.33
3Lawrence Kuan ZTR (D)0:10:451632.21


  1. Hi, what is the asterisk next to my name ?
    7 Stefan Pommerenk ZTR-C* 0:00:01 309 3.69

    1. Asterisks denote unverified virtual power. I am probably going to change the script to only mark unverified virtual power for the podium places since it doesn't really matter if you're in the pack.

    2. Thanks, good to know. I only have a Garmin Speed+Cadence sensor, with the bike on old-fashioned rollers. It was a great workout nevertheless.