Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zwift Thursday Night Training Race (Americas) Results 2016-04-28

Group B
1ADI Go ZTR (B)0:46:012703.86
2John Newell ZTR-B0:00:063244.08
3John Murphy ZTR (B)0:00:442783.81
4Claude Richard ZTR-B0:00:473103.52
5Mark Perry ZTR B0:00:552624.22
6Matt von Wahlde ZTR - B0:00:552643.69
7D. Miller ZTR(B)0:01:072393.58
8Don MacPhail-ztr-b0:01:392463.57
9JOHN GREGORY-ZTR-B0:02:572563.6
10Alex Cornwell ZTR B0:04:082683.11
11Mario Dube ZTR (B)0:04:372413.21
12Paul Brooker ZTR B0:06:182843.2
Group C
1Gen Kashihara ZTR (C)0:46:482203.67Please upgrade to B
2Vaughn Arthur ZTR-C0:01:382983.47Please upgrade to B
3Curtis Gray ZTR-C0:02:462663.56Please upgrade to B
4William Norris Team Afterlife ZTR (C)0:02:572223.45Please upgrade to B
5Tyler Mitchell - ZTR (C)0:03:122713.13
6Yuriy Zeylikman ZTR (C)0:03:402383.29
7William Warthon ZTR(C)*0:04:372343.4
8Edival dos Santos ZTR-C0:05:112193.37
9John Nguyen-VietVelo-ZTR-C0:05:302083.36
10Jarret Gosbee ZTR (c)0:05:352363.11
11Kazunori Yamada ZTR-C0:05:352113.26
12David Peurye-Hissong ZTR (C)0:06:412242.94
13Terry Patton ZTR-C0:07:102352.8


  1. Hey, i was confused where the finish was. Was it the Richmond finish line or from the neutral start point? I think some riders stopped after the start/finish. I kept going until the end. Might be good to clarify in the future. Great race though. thanks

    1. Sorry if it wasn't clear. The finish line for all ZTR races except the Richmond flat race is the start/finish line. For reference you can also look at the ZTR Strava segments (see for past ZTR races on the same course).

  2. This was my first race. Didn't realize you are only suppose to use power ups if need to catch up on the first lap. I will be good next time! Question, do you save energy by being in the back of a small pack via drafting effect. Is Zwift that accurate?

    1. Yes, Zwift has a fairly realistic physics model that includes drafting. In these races, as in real life, it's important to try to conserve as much energy as possible in the pack.