Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (UK/Europe) Training Race Results 2016-05-03

Overall winner is BJ Afonso - the only rider who finished the full course. The following results are for the Half Pretzel (the course to the first time through the finish line).

We will try to avoid such confusing courses in the future. In retrospect we should have probably just raced the flat or hilly course. Thanks for joining.

Group A
1AUSTIN STEYN ZTR-A0:51:263694.39
2Neil Law (X) ZTR EB (A)0:01:122564.45
3Stewart White ZTR A*0:01:143174.55
4Ned Kingdon PZR (A)0:01:503623.98
5R. Grosch ZTR (A)0:08:452473.58
6Sean Botha - ZTR(A)0:09:232403.49
Group B
1Nicolas Mosetti ztr (b)0:54:392933.9
2Ewan Law (X Jnr) ZTR (B)0:04:021843.49
Group C
1Wayne Kitchen (ZTR-C)*0:57:052623.79Please upgrade to B
2Chris M ZTR-C0:01:142563.66Please upgrade to B
3Alex lex M-V ZTR (C)0:01:232663.59Please upgrade to B
4( PTz) Alex Callejo ZTR C0:01:402723.32Please upgrade to B
5Jonathan Neve ZTR-C0:02:282783.39Please upgrade to B
6@ BJ.Afonso (PTz) ZTR(C)0:03:002893.05
7René ten Boom ZTR (C)0:03:462293.28
8Chris Gould ZTR C*0:03:472433.24
9Rodney Young ZTR (C)0:06:272163.02

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