Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zwift Thursday Night Training Race (UK/Europe) 2016-05-19

Group A
1Drew Rice ZTR-A*0:54:273215.35
2AUSTIN STEYN - ZTR (A)0:00:363444.1
3Daniel Schmidheiny (X) - KISS (A)0:00:363174.17
4Casey Schumm(X)ZTR (A)0:00:382643.76
5Christian Wiedmann (X) ZTR (A) LEAD0:00:392853.91
6Neil Law (X) ZTR (A)0:00:402474.3
7D C @ BigfootCC ZTR (A)0:01:102643.95
8Frank Garcia (X) ZTR (A)0:01:522373.39
9James Hodges ZTR (A)0:02:442543.95
10Golo Hernandez ZTR (A)0:03:042723.68
* unverified zPower
Group B
1( PTz) Alex Callejo ZTR (B)0:57:312753.35
2Alastair Woodhead ZTR-B0:00:002273.83
3Peter C (MID/CLARION) ZTR (B)0:00:002513.69
4C. S. (Team dZi) ZTR (B)0:00:012923.47
5Stijn Devos ZTR (B)0:00:012753.57
6Paul Wakefield ZTR-B*0:00:012403.81
7karen french ZTR-B*0:00:022823.75
8Yuriy Zeylikman ZTR (B)0:00:022493.43
9. FelinMal ( ZTR - B ) )0:02:332503.74
10Laurens de Neef ZTR-B0:03:362643.07
Group C
1Chris Gould ZTR C*1:00:562473.3Please upgrade to B
2@ BJ.Afonso (PTz) ZTR(C)0:00:202873.02
3S Schofield ZTR C0:00:322583.17
4Paul Stokes ZTR-C0:01:063062.97
5Marc Droog ZTR (C)0:01:192183.25
6> The Real Kevin Kelly ZTR (C)0:01:272213.05
7Martin Rezac Ztr C0:01:292363.14
8d carruthers ztr c0:03:192233.02
9Rodney Young ZTR (C)0:03:272203.11
10lukas ranicar ZTR (C)0:06:362152.76
Group D
1Henrik Aasnes ZTR-D1:15:011692.09


  1. Cant believe iv been omitted
    Was with a group of fast c riders and went for the win with a couple of k left

    1. If you're asked to upgrade you are no longer eligible for placings in the lower category. The good news is this means you are getting stronger!

    2. Iv not been asked to upgrade to B before this race. Its only my 3rd or 4th race in C after moving up from D. Very happy with my performance don't think il be getting any wins in group B any time soon... RIDE ON !!!!

    3. I apologize. It looks like the script incorrectly applied your upgrade request on 4/26 from D to C. I will reinstate you. Congratulations on your win, and welcome to the B category!

    My last race no mention of moving up a group ?