Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (Americas/East) Training Race Results 2016-02-09

Note: These results are provisional. Please let me know of any corrections. Category X means the script was unable to recognize your category automatically. I have fixed some of these by hand, but please try to make sure your name is set correctly in-game.

Group W
1Sandra Deegan-ztr-c-w50:26.81803.0
Group A
1Rich Harper ZTR1:22:15.33494.97
2Shane Lama Miller ZTR-A+ :26.93134.34
3Michael Broadwith (Arctic) ZTR - A+ :28.53474.23
4M arc Boudreau+ 2:20.32954.05
5Jeremy Brazeal (Aetna) ZTR (A)+ 2:24.22714.21
6Michael Hawley ZTR (A)+ 4:19.92834.07
7Nate Robinson ZTR (hifromOHIO)+ 4:32.92863.99
8Don Seib NEXT-BMB ZTR-A+ 7:57.42673.8
9Christian Wiedmann (X) ZTR-A LEAD+ 8:12.12563.46
Group B
1H ANDY ZTR(B)1:22:18.13334.75
2Robert Minnicks ZTR B+ 6:23.92703.61
3Julian Sherr ZTR B--- ST ---2454.01
4Larry Hallstrom ZTR B+ 9:04.42823.66
5Justin La Vigne ZTR-B--- ST ---2533.55
6Harry Roberts - RCR - ZTR (B)+ 12:25.72233.04
Group C
1Carsten Kuensken FB ZRG ZTR C42:18.93154.63Please upgrade
2Duncan Tyler ZTR (C) Z+50+ :15.32943.87Please upgrade
3Joseph Marinelli ZTR C+ :22.82373.76Please upgrade
4Daniel Corredor_ZTR (C)+ :51.72444.01Please upgrade
5Tim Ahern ZTR (C)+ 1:12.73193.43Please upgrade
6Rich Farside ZTR (C)+ 1:34.62923.49Please upgrade
7John McFarland รข“‹ ZTR (C)+ 1:34.92633.67Please upgrade
8Brian Vrablic ZTR-C+ 1:45.03283.15
9Alex Simonovic - ZTR (C)+ 1:45.92503.52
10Paul Ferguson-ZTR(C)+ 1:46.32563.64
11Nick Laughton - ZTR C+ 1:51.52703.29
12Curt Cadwell ZTR-C+ 1:53.12563.25
13Yves Baribeau ZTR-C+ 2:03.92573.3
14Jeff Ball ZTR (C)+ 2:15.32743.21
15Nathan Baturka ZTR (C)+ 2:32.62923.15
16Michael Grigat ZTR-C+ 2:35.42973.21
17Chuck Allran ZTR-C+ 2:36.52323.46
18Rodney Hritz ZTR (C)+ 2:39.32433.25
19Patrick Robb ZTR-C+ 3:25.22473.44
20Gavin MacInnes ZTR (C)+ 4:14.32153.03
21Francis Gagne ZTR-C+ 4:58.32173.63
22Kurt Muetterties ZTR C/D+ 5:05.02403.05
23Don MacPhail-ztr-c+ 5:14.62183.16
24Joe Giambrone ZTR-C+ 5:34.82513.26
25Lawrence Monks ZTR C+ 6:28.42413.22
26Dustin Mealor ZTR (C)+ 6:57.42582.58
27Steve Beard ZTR (C)+ 7:09.22243.03
28Scott Oran ZTR (C)+ 7:28.62172.63
29Eric Burch ZTR C+ 11:34.62272.65
Group D
1S R (ZTR D)44:04.12563.41Please upgrade
2William Norris ZTR (D)+ 3:22.22283.32Please upgrade
3robin mitchell ZTR-(D)+ 3:47.72363.24Please upgrade
4J Benton ZTR-D+ 4:11.82242.9Please upgrade
5Robert MacLeod ZTR-D+ 5:34.12083.05Please upgrade
6Carl Quirion ZTR (D)+ 6:38.02552.52Please upgrade
7Chuck Kozlowski ZTR-D+ 8:39.02192.44
Group X
1Ed ERRACE.org40:52.32894.4
2Frank Garcia (X)--- ST ---2734.01
3B Tyers ztr+ 1:08.03054.12
4Chris Gasche--Sakari+ 3:53.02943.77
5Ben Mast+ 4:32.42813.29
6Gregg Rhode Z50++ 5:19.13113.19
7Jim ODaniel+ 8:05.22863.75
8Spencer Proctor+ 8:09.42683.01
9John Musante+ 12:04.02272.79
10Christopher Yack+ 12:08.81833.0
11Michael Quinn+ 13:12.22322.84
12Ben Lepene+ 14:08.71962.88
13rex martin+ 14:33.12492.9
14Julien Morand+ 16:15.92242.83
15Minh Dien Pham+ 16:50.81772.73
16Todd Geiger -ABRT+ 17:09.62112.78
17Paul Vogel+ 22:53.31812.66
18Michael Fenoff+ 30:59.41761.81
19Kevin Loll (ECC)+ 37:09.41261.47
20Darth/Lady Bane+ 44:03.11301.8

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