Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds (Americas/East) Training Race Results 2016-02-16

Provisional results.
Group W
1Sierria ZTR C (W)1:07:57.41663.0
2C eliaMarie ZTR-C W+ 5:37.71302.62
Group A
1David Vaughn (ZTR-A)1:08:26.72904.75
2Justin Purificati (ZTR - A)+ :01.32994.75
3Jeremy Brazeal (Aetna) ZTR (A)+ :19.72844.42
4Tyler Waldron ZTR-A+ 2:08.93034.46
5Mat Desrosiers (X) ZTR-A+ 2:12.13013.81
6Blake Pucsek ZTR A+ 2:21.43174.17
7Bruno Lafontaine ZTR-A+ 2:24.82984.38
8Ed ERRACE.org ZTR (A)+ 3:19.02603.96
9Dan Donovan - ZTR (A)+ 3:51.53043.8
Group B
1Dan MacDougall ZTR B1:10:55.73054.3Please upgrade
2Jeremy Wilson ZTR B+ 1:06.82693.35
3Jeff Money AABC - ZTR B+ 1:07.12553.65
4JF Fafard ZTR-B Cannondale / ABC+ 3:45.02413.5
5Bruno Duguay ZTR B+ 3:45.43003.53
6Juan Dixon ZTR (B)--- ST ---2273.77
7Jose Pena ZTR (B)--- ST ---2343.63
8Mario Dube ZTR (b)+ 5:26.22503.34zPower
9robin mitchell ZTR-B+ 7:14.62513.48zPower
10Scott Marchildon ZTR B+ 7:20.02783.36zPower
11KEVIN CHOU (FTL) ZTR (B)+ 9:03.52283.41
Group C
1James Troedel ZTR (C)56:43.42594.08Please upgrade
2Mark Worthington ZTR-C+ :07.23123.76Please upgrade
3J. Dickerson- ZTR-C+ :21.52703.6Please upgrade
4Gabe Rivero ZTR-C+ 2:11.02803.57Please upgrade
5Ken Mcleod ZTR (C)+ 2:26.13083.58zPower, Please upgrade
6Alex lex M-V ZTR (C)+ 3:20.72343.55Please upgrade
7Paul Ferguson-ZTR(C)+ 3:28.22443.48Please upgrade
8Francis Gagne ZTR-C+ 3:39.62183.64Please upgrade
9Karl M ZTR-C+ 4:13.53063.38Please upgrade
10C Fuller (ZTR-C)+ 4:17.72083.4Please upgrade
11Mick Neal_ZTR-C+ 4:22.62263.22Please upgrade
12Nick Laughton (ZTR C)+ 4:27.62613.19
13Michael Grigat ZTR-C+ 4:28.12943.18
14Alex Simonovic - ZTR (C)+ 4:39.82323.27
15Jeff Ball ZTR (C)+ 5:29.42613.06
16Brian Vrablic ZTR-C+ 5:46.82962.84zPower
17Andrew Green ZTR-C+ 6:04.72683.11
18Eric Burch ZTR C+ 6:05.02522.94
19Curt Cadwell ZTR-C+ 6:15.42352.98
20Joe Kenas, Guy's_ ZTR (C)+ 6:24.22442.99zPower
21Tim Ahern ZTR (C)+ 6:45.82903.12
22Nathan Baturka ZTR (C)+ 7:54.52482.68
23D Wilcox ZTR-C+ 9:06.22113.04zPower
24Travis Brady ZTR (C)+ 11:07.91992.66
25Jacob Braaten ZTR-C+ 11:17.11752.97zPower
Group D
1Joe Lang ZTR (D)1:01:29.52683.15Please upgrade
2Rob Walker (Z50+) ZTR D+ 8:21.02562.35
3Chuck Kozlowski ZTR-D+ 10:19.42032.25
4Barry Wilcox ZTR - D+ 12:48.61722.17
5Mike Baker ZTR-D+ 18:02.51721.81


  1. Hi Chris-

    Firstly, a big thank you for continuing to make the effort on these events- very much appreciated. Lots of us benefiting from the challenge.

    I am just curious at how we can better align the systems for race results. Each week I see quite a few differences/discrepancies between your list and the Zwift Nation listing. Sometimes your list captures people that the Zwift Nation does not and visa versa. How can we improve this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Zwift Nation uses the name of the Strava activity. The system I use (developed by Jonathan Lemon) uses the in-game name. That's the main reason for the discrepancies. The most common reason for missing riders in these results is that the racer didn't set their name according to the instructions in the event. If everybody had "ZTR-A" or "ZTR (A)" at the end of their name, the script would pick up most of the racers I've added in by hand.

      Ultimately as long as we're depending on the user to adhere to guidelines, it's going to be error prone. Zwift may help when they release their event module. I also am working on a racer database to track racer categories. That will help because it will help the script recognize racers even if they don't have the correct name set.