Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds PDT 2016-03-22

Group A
1Ron Sines ZTR=PDT (A)1:12:032713.45
2slade lewis ztr a0:00:062823.88
Group B
1Justin Heinen-ZTR-PDT (B)1:10:252863.5
2Rick Barbera ZTR (B)0:00:073243.48
3Mike VeigaZTR-PDT (B)0:02:382623.75
4William Greco ZTR-PDT (B)0:02:382943.5
5Michael Brazel ZTR-PDT (B)0:06:002373.08
Group C
1Sage Vann ZTR-PDT (C)1:13:003173.33Please upgrade to B
2Colin Smith ZTR (C)0:00:142533.58Please upgrade to B
3Ben Savoie ZTR-PDT(C)0:01:402593.34Please upgrade to B
4Kevin Torbett ZTR-PDT (C)0:03:532162.97
5David Dang ZTR (C)0:05:441703.11
6Daniel Townsend (USMES) ZTR-PDT(C)0:06:562102.86
7Eric Grant ZTR-PDT (C)0:12:392622.18
8Stuart Lee - ZTR - PDT (C)0:18:121712.3

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