Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zwift Tuesday Night Worlds PDT 2016-03-08

Group A
1Darren Marino (ZTR-A1:07:0900.0
2Bruno Lafontaine ZTR-PDT (A)0:00:0200.0
3E Loiselle ZTR-PDT A CAN/ABC0:01:0800.0
4F D ZtrA0:02:1100.0
5Lou Bregou ZTR0:02:1300.0
6Francisco Ramirez ZTR-PDT (A)0:03:5100.0
Group B
1Mike Veiga ZTR-PDT (B)1:10:2400.0
2Wade Goff ZTR-PDT (B)0:00:0000.0
3Wes Salmon ZTR-PDT (B)0:00:0600.0
4r HECKEN ZTR-PDT(B)0:00:0700.0
5Justin Heinen-ZTR-PDT (B)0:00:1700.0
6Sean Harmer ZTR-PDT (B)0:01:4100.0
7Jose Pena ZTR - PDT (B)0:03:2100.0
8Mat Stephens ztrB0:04:1900.0
9Brian Bradley ZTR-PDT (B)0:04:2000.0
10Stuart Lynne ZTR-PDT (B)0:05:4600.0
11C Davidson ZTR-PDT B0:05:4800.0
12Paul Berger {form+data} ZTR-PDT (B)0:09:0100.0
13Reggie Pineda - ZTR-PDT (B)0:11:0100.0
Group C
1Ben Savoie ZTR-PDT(C)1:12:2600.0
2Jack Mentink ZTR-PDT (C)0:01:0600.0
3James Blount ZTR-PDT (C)0:02:2400.0
4David Dang ZTR (C)0:02:2700.0
5Patrick Sutton ZTR-PDT (C)0:02:2700.0
6Ryan Remmers ZTR-PDT (C)0:02:2700.0
7Kevin Torbett ZTR-PDT (C)0:05:4500.0
8Bahadir Alev ZTR-PDT (C)0:07:5800.0
Group D
1Kenton Harmer ZTR-PDT(D)1:01:5300.0
2Allen Shaw ZTR-PDT(D)0:00:4200.0
3Hugo Walker ZTR-PDT (D)0:01:1000.0
4Aaron Merifield0:05:3700.0
5Skye Nott ZTR-PDT (D)0:06:4800.0
6Billy Rubin ZTR-PDT (D)0:07:5700.0


  1. Thanks for getting these results posted so quickly!! The D group chased after scattered Bs and Cs for the first 2 laps, (that really hurt) finally settled in for the 3rd lap and on the 4th the eventual 1st place and 2nd place riders left my sorry arse on the climb. We all did a great job of sharing the pace, chasing down attacks and maintaining effort.Embarrassed to say they put over 40 seconds on me even though I had my 2nd best time ever for that climb!! Well done guys. Glad to have actually raced this time instead of merely chasing. Was it my imagination or did some D groupers hit that first left for the tunnel?

    1. Thanks Hugo, This was my first time doing a heart attack back in late December and have been training to get back to racing. I'm still not sure of how hard you can go before being moved up to a "C".